How To Videos

Canvas Shield & Fabri-Klean
watch canvas shield & fabri clean video
How To Waterproof Your Sunbrella Boat Top.

EZ Buff for Fiberglass Boats
watch ez buff video
Restore the Shine and Color to Your Gelcoat.

Green Genie for Fiberglass Boats
watch green genie video
Fast and Easy way to Clean Algae Off Your Boat.

Algex for Aluminum Boats & Pontoons
watch algex video
How to Clean Algae Off Aluminum Pontoons.

Inflatable Kit for Inflatable Boats
watch inflatable video
Inflatable Boat Maintenance Kit Demonstration.

Clear View Kit for Vinyl Boat Windows
watch clear view video
How to Restore and Protect Your Clear Vinyl Boat Windows.

Sure Step for Non-Skid Boat Decks
watch sure step video
How to Polish Non-skid Boat Decks, without making them Slippery.

Alumubuff for Aluminum Pontoon Boats
watch alumabuff video
How to Clean and Polish Aluminum Pontoons in Less than 59 mins.

Waterline Stain Remover for Fiberglass Boats
watch waterline stain remover video
Waterline Stain Remover Demonstration.

Inflatable Boat Maintenance Kit
watch inflatable video
How to Protect Your Inflatable.

Jumping Pillow Restoration Demonstration
watch themepark video
Watch how Downey Farms Restored Their Jumping Pillows to New.

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