Why is your Alumabrite better than other products?

Bill Kocur asked:

I recently purchased a 22 ft Crest pontoon boat that only came out of the lake for it’s annual maintenance. The pontoon’s had some light algae, which I pressured cleaned, Now to find a product that is easy to use and will remove the oxidation, waterline scum, etc. I have researched other products, most seem to have an acid that turns the toons white. I’m looking for a product that will clean and hopefully make the toons have a clean and shiny appearance. I’m not sure if I will polish them out to a new, almost mirror shine, lots of work!, Please tell me why your AlumaBrite is better than other products. How much would I need for my 22ft’ boat? Where can I buy in the states? I’m in Sarasota, Florida.

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