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Clear View Kit ™ is ideal for use On Hatches, Port Holes, Windshields, Side Curtains, Compass Domes, Instrument Crystals & More. Made for the care and maintenance of your Isinglass, Strataglass ®, Lexan ®, Plexiglass ®, and other clear vinyl windows aboard your boat or yacht. Kit contains Restorer and Protector. Removes fog and minor scratches. Restores clarity and fills in minor scratches. Protects against UV and environmental damage. Restores plasticizers lost to the sun. Extends the life of marine plastics.

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CLEANER / RESTORER and PROTECTOR FOR ALL SEE-THRU PLASTICS Use on Boats, Planes, RVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles. For Hatches, Port Holes, Vinyl Curtains, Isinglass Windows, Visors, Compass, Instrument Domes. Extends the Life of New Plastics. Restores Old Plastics. Anti-Static Properties Repel Dust and Dirt. Removes and Fills Light Scratches. Restores Optical Clarity. Sun Screens to Retard Fogging. Contains Plasticisers to Renurture Plastics. Environment Friendly. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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  • Kit Contains: Restorer and Protector
  • Anti-Static Properties Repel Dust and Dirt
  • For New and Old Plastics
  • Removes and Fills Light Scratches
  • Restores Optical Clarity Ideal for use on Boats, Planes, RVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Windshields, Face Shields & More
  • Sun Screens to Retard Fogging
  • Contains Plasticisers to Renurture Plastics
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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