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NEW! You’ve never seen anything like this before!

EZ BUFF one step buffing cream and polish is designed to quickly and easily remove oxidation, chalk and light scratches and swirl marks and restore your marine gelcoat back to its original mirror finish, in one step, without swirl marks. It contains LUMIGLOW™ to enhance boat color, making your white gelcoat whiter and your dark colors deeper and richer. Best results are obtained with a rotary buffer and clean wool pad. Its One Step technology saves your time and money.


You Too Can Restore the Faded Gelcoat on Your Boat to a Mirror Finish.

EZ BUFF is Tough on Oxidation but Easy on Gelcoat. Unlike traditional rubbing compounds that contain aggressive grits that scratch deeply into your gelcoat and then require finer and finer grades to remove the scratching, thereby removing excessive amounts of your thin gelcoat, EZ BUFF is designed to aggressively remove the oxidation, with minimal damage to the integral gelcoat. It also polishes the surface to a mirror finish, all in one step.

EZ BUFF is safe and eco friendly.

EZ BUFF is a New Eco Friendly Formula. It’s water based and Biodegradable. There are no Hazardous or Toxic Solvents & Additives. There are no Carcinogenic Silica or Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide. It’s Non Flammable and Non Combustible. It’s Safe, Non Toxic and Non Corrosive.

It’s water based and does not emit any ozone depleting VOC’s. There are no Hazardous Air Pollutants, Soil Pollutants or Water Pollutants. It’s environment, human and boat friendly. There are no Bad solvent odours, no coarse grit to scratch you gelcoat. It’s slow drying to give you longer working time (working time can be extended even further with EZ BUFF EXTENDER) and you get greater coverage so it’s much less expensive than using rubbing compounds.

How to use EZ BUFF.

It can be used by hand but best results will be obtained with a Rotary Buffer at low to medium speed, with a clean wool buffing pad. We recommend using EZ BUFF EXTENDER™ to extend working time and to lubricate the surface to further reduce the chance of swirl marks. The finished surface has a long lasting gloss and surface conditioning making it ready for protection with easy to apply, all synthetic and wax free long lasting PREMIUM BOAT SHINE™

If you search on-line for how to restore faded gel coat, how to remove gel-coat oxidation, detailing your boat, removing oxidation or how to buff your boat, even professional gel coat finishing systems, you will get information on how to wet sand your boat, then buff it with coarse rubbing compound, wiping off the lubricating grease, repeat, change pads, buff it with medium rubbing compound to get the swirls out, wipe off the grease, change pads, buff with finishing compound to remove swirls and marks, wipe off the grease, use a different buffer and pad to apply wax, buff that off and then apply a detailing wax, etc., etc.

Step 1.

Prepare boat surface by washing dirt and pollutants Why would you do that? There’s a much easier way and it’s guaranteed. Here’s the modern way to do it. First wash your boat with BOAT CLEAN PLUS™ to remove all the dirt and pollutants so you don’t rub that into the pores of the gel coat. That step will shorten your buffing time and you will use less EZ BUFF buffing cream.

Step 2.

Now apply EZ BUFF to a 2 ft. by 2 ft. section of the boat. Prime your wool pad with a bit of EZ BUFF or EZ BUFF EXTENDER™. I like to spray a bit of extender onto the work surface as well. I’m not the most experienced person with a buffer and the extender helps ensure that I don’t get any swirl marks. Now turn on the buffer and using a medium speed start moving the buffer from side to side and up and down, with medium pressure, until the buffing cream is used up, then continue buffing with a light pressure until you have a dazzling shine. Wipe off any residue (there is no grease, wax or silicone) and make sure that you didn’t miss anything and move onto the next section.

Step 3.

When you’re through wipe on a coat of all synthetic, wax free, PREMIUM BOAT SHINE™. When it dries to a haze wipe off the haze. Now stand back and admire your reflection in the mirror finish. Isn’t that a lot easier? It sure save you a lot of time and money.

OK, if the gelcoat is extremely rough you may have to give it a good scrubbing with BOAT SCRUB™ to remove the real heavy oxidation. If you still have to resort to sanding, your gel coat is exhausted and you need to consider paint or re-gelling the boat.

A good way to tell the condition of your gel coat, even before you start is the SPIT TEST. Apply some saliva to your finger tips and rub a small section of the gel coat, preferably a dark color on the deck or near the gunwale near the transom. If the color comes up, you can proceed to washing and buffing with EZ BUFF. As soon as it dries it will revert back to the oxidized surface, but that’s OK. EZ BUFF will take care of it. If the color is marginal, try rubbing a small section with BOAT SCRUB™ to see if that brings up the color. If it does, you will need to wash and scrub the boat first before proceeding to EZ BUFF. If there is still no color, you’re into paint or new gel coat.

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Additional Information

  • Tough on Oxidation. Easy on Gelcoat.
  • Removes Light to Medium Oxidation, Swirls and Surface Scratches.
  • Enhances Color.
  • One Step Saves Time and Money.
  • Mirror Finish.
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