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Green Genie ™ is non-fuming boat bottom cleaner. Safely removes algae, barnacles & zebra mussels from fiberglass boats. Our Green Genie ™ is safe for fiberglass. Won't cause any damage to your boat like other strong acid cleaners may.

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GREEN GENIE ™ Grants Boat Owners 3 Wishes: 1. Quickly & Easily Removes Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels from Fiberglass Boat Bottoms 2. Non-Fuming: No Choking, No Noxious Smell. 3. Environment Safe. Biodegradable. Uses Proprietary Organic Salt instead of Dangerous Acids. Easy to Use: Prep: Pressure-wash or scrub off loose algae. 1. Apply Green Genie ™ with a Garden Sprayer or Paint Roller and Let Stand 20-30 minutes. 2. Rinse Off with Garden Hose or Pressure Washer.
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  • Easy to Use: Spray or Roll On & Rinse Clean
  • Non-Fuming: No Choking on Noxious Vapors
  • Safely Removes Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels from Fiberglass Boats
  • Works Chemically: No Scrubbing!
  • Safe for Fiberglass. Won't Cause Stress Cracks or Osmosis Blisters like other strong acid cleaners may
  • Important for Marinas on the Green Marine Program
  • Available in Industrial Quantities
  • Environment Safe - Biodegradable
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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