ALGAE STRIP ™ - Bottom Cleaner for Fiberglass

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The Original Fiberglass Boat Bottom Cleaner & Boat Hull Cleaner. The Best, Toughest and Most Efficient Mussel, Barnacle & Algae Remover Available in the Market. ALGAE STRIP™ is used by Professional boat yards and they are impressed with the results they are getting from ALGAE STRIP™.

Easy to use – Roll On And Rinse Clean

How to Easily Clean Fiberglass Boat Bottom and Hull?

ALGAE STRIP™ Works Chemically and it will clean your boat bottom in less time and labor with no need for scrubbing. Just Roll On and Rinse Clean!

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The Best Fiberglass Boat Bottom Cleaner & Boat Hull Cleaner

High quality and most efficient fiberglass boat bottom cleaner. Cleans & Removes Algae, Barnacle & Zebra Mussels from fiberglass boats. ALGAE STRIP™ is safe for fiberglass boats, and it easy to use. Roll On, ALGAE STRIP™ on your fiberglass boat bottom and Rinse Clean. Used By Professional Boat Yards for fiberglass boat maintenance, boat hull cleaning & boat bottom cleaning.

How to Clean Fiberglass Boat Bottom Cleaner & Boat Hull Cleaner?
With ALGAE STRIP™ you too can Remove Algae, Zebra Mussels & Barnacles. ALGAE STRIP™ Works Chemically and it will clean your boat bottom in less time and labor with no need for scrubbing.

ALGAE STRIP™ Fiberglass Boat Bottom Cleaner is Easy to Use :

Roll On
Before ALGAE STRIP™ was Applied
Rinse Clean
During Cleaning Fiberglass Boat Bottom With algea Strip
All Done!
Final Results - Cristal clean fiberglass boat bottom

Q. Prep: Pressure-wash or scrub off loose algae
1. Apply ALGAE STRIP™ with a Paint Roller & Let Stand 20-30 min
2. Rinse Off with Garden Hose

Why You’ll Love It!
  • Easy to Use: Roll On and Rinse Clean
  • Works Chemically: No Scrubbing!
  • Industrial Strength so it Works Quickly
  • Safely Removes Algae, Barnacles and Zebra Mussels from Fiberglass Boats
  • Won’t Harm Fiberglass
  • Contains Optical Brighteners for a Cleaner, Brighter Boat

Aurora ALGAE STRIP™ was the first ever boat hull cleaner for fiberglass and is still rated best. It quickly and easily removes algae and softens barnacles, zebra mussels and adhesive rings for easy removal. Boat Bottom Cleaning is fast and easy. First, pressure wash or scrub off any lose growth so you don’t waste the cleaner. Use a paint roller to apply ALGAE STRIP™ to the algae. Chemistry does the work so you don’t have to. Now rinse the bottom clean. All done. That was easy. ALGAE STRIP™ is inhibited so it doesn’t etch the pores in the gel coat which can cause osmosis blisters or stress cracks.


• COVERAGE: 200sq. ft. ONE COAT (8oz jar), 3,200sq. ft. ONE COAT (1US Gal Jug)

SURE STEP™ contains a unique new polymer “SKID-X™” that seals, shines and protects non skid boat surfaces against dirt penetration and accumulation without making the surface slippery, tacky or sticky. Grip increases when the surface is wet.

Shake Well Before Using.

1. Wash surface with BOAT CLEAN PLUS™ to remove any traces of wax, oil or pollutants and to loosen grime in the gelcoat pores.

2. Scrub surface with BOAT SCRUB™ and a stiff bristle brush (deck brush) on non-skid areas and a Marine Power Mitt on smooth areas to remove oxidation, stains, scuffs and deep clean the gelcoat pores. Rinse well and let dry.

3. Apply SURE STEP™ with white, high density foam paint roller and let dry to a haze.

4. Buff to a beautiful shine with a SURE STEP BUFFING WHEEL™ on a portable drill. Wait 24 hours before applying second coat.


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